In-person worship

Phase 2 began May 30th.

To read the full statement of Council on the start of Phase 2, Click Here.

Here's what Phase 2 means…

  • RSVPs are no longer necessary.
  • Masks are not required, but still encouraged.  If you are not fully vaccinated, you are urged to wear a mask for your own protection and for that of your neighbor.  If you are fully vaccinated, wearing a mask is not necessary, but it is a courtesy to your neighbor, and a gesture of support for your unvaccinated neighbors and children who are still vulnerable.   No one wants to wear a facemask and feel the isolation we’ve all felt for over a year.  But, in order for the vulnerable (especially the children) to return to church in-person, we must all do our part to make Saint John’s safe and welcoming for all people.   
  • We will still use the pod seating system.  Upon arrival, the Usher will assign a seating number at the door. 
  • Singing in church will be permitted again.
  • Holy Communion will still be in the pews.
  • Offering will still be received online and by baskets before or after service.
  • Service is still the live-streamed model.

About vaccinations and our church…

This church encourages vaccinations.  There is nothing in our Lutheran tradition and piety that supports the refusal of any form of medicine or treatment on the basis of a conviction of faith.  We believe the same God who created our bodies to heal and gifted us with an immune system also provides the creativity and wonder behind achievements in science or medicine.  We believe God is active, bringing about the healing of the world, through our immune systems AND the achievements of vaccines.  And we believe this is the very same God who gives us the faith to trust him at work in both.

To find a vaccination: click HERE, or ask the pastor to help you.

During this phase of our return to in-person worship the services above will continue to be livestreamed on Facebook and later added to our website. We will also continue to offer Parking Lot Church at 11AM.