Introducing Deacon Diana Pelletier

Good News!!   Saint John's has called Deacon Diana Pelletier to serve as our Director of Children & Youth Faith Formation.  She will officially begin her ministry with us on August 27th, but may pop-in for fun with us at the picnic on the 26th.  

Diana has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies from Gettysburg Seminary.  She is a rostered Deacon in the ELCA, and has many years of experience in the field of faith formation ministry with children and youth.  She resides near Syracuse NY with her husband and two children, but is excited to relocate and begin her work with us.

Please find below a bio from Diana.  If you would like more information, please click here to read her RMP (Rostered Minister Profile).

This is an exciting time for Saint John's ministry.  While she and her family move and settle into their new home in Berks Country, please keep them in your prayers.



Pastor Rich

Diana Pelletier Bio

I was born and raised in Connecticut. I received a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Texas Lutheran University and a few years later a Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg with a focus on Christian Education and Pastoral Care.

I started my working career as a social worker for people with disabilities and at risk youth, which is where I developed a heart for advocacy. I have served in synodical and congregational Christian Education and Youth Ministry settings as well as in several capacities in Theological Education with Youth (TEY), a joint ministry of the Lutheran seminaries in Gettysburg and Philadelphia.

In 2007, as the result of a car accident, I sustained a cervical spinal cord injury (I broke my neck). I am blessed in my recovery because I have regained a lot of function I originally lost, though I still ambulate with a power wheelchair. This experience has had a profound impact on me, my family, and my sense of call. I now live from a perspective of ‘otherness,’ where advocating for basic needs is a frequent reality. This has opened my mind and my heart to all forms of ‘otherness’ we, as humans, have created. I feel called by God to help break down the barriers created when we perceive people as ‘other’ through education and experiences. I view my call to ministry as one of helping others fully realize the mission and meaning of Jesus’ mission and equipping them to “be Jesus” in and for the sake of the world. I believe Jesus calls us to love all of our neighbors and form bridges of love across all that divides the Children of God.

I am called, as well, to be a partner in life with my husband, Jeff, and as the mother of my two children, Hannah (12) and Cole (11). I love horseback riding, painting, adventures and travelling with my family. I am extremely close with my only sibling, Janine, and with my parents.




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