At Saint John's, We Care.

With our hearts WE CARE genuinely, providing comfort and support to those who feel sick, lonely, broken, excluded, bullied or ashamed.

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We care about each other.

Come join our outreach.

Annual Picnic and Church Refreshments

Easter Egg Project

The time of year is approaching again! 

This year's project will begin with the mixing of the batters on Sunday, March 5, 2017. 

Rolling of the eggs begins on Monday, March 6 at 8 am. 

Dipping of the eggs will be on Tuesday, March 7 beginning at 8 am, with bagging of the eggs to start at 10 am.

Filling of the orders will be done on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm. This project will again run for 5 weeks.

The cost of the eggs will be $11 a dozen, $5.50 a half dozen. Box of peanut clusters will be $7.

Order forms are available in the parlor and the fellowship hall lobby.

Please address any questions to Bruce Wanner or Joyce Aukamp.

Friendship Club

Funeral Care

Meals for People in Need

Mens' Fellowship

New Members Shepherd Program

People Without Partners

Monthly luncheon—Wednesday, February 8, 1 pm

Olive Garden, 1700 Crossing Drive, Wyomissing PA

For more information or a ride to the lunch, please call Jeanette Minnich at (610) 678-1720. 

Sign-up is located on the bulletin board outside of the office,

Prayer Chain

Prayer Shawls