Here you will find all the information needed for CAT class students to engage the weekly topics, and participate in the class.  Please check back often for updates and announcements.

Pastor Rich is the primary teacher.

You can reach him by email:

or, by phone or text: 610-401-5602

What is confirmation?


Why do need it?

Good question!   At one time (like when I was confirmed), confirmation was a rite of passage. It was the time when a young person not only made a personal statement of faith, but it was also the time when we first received Holy Communion.  Confirmation was when we officially became contributing, voting members of the congregation. Fortunately about 40 years ago we Lutherans took a closer look at confirmation and realized how upside down that right of passage was to our Church's theological principles and values.  Now, all the baptized are welcome to Holy Communion, and children are valued for the contribution simply as children, not adults in waiting.   

Confirmation is now reframed as an Affirmation of Baptism.  It is a very important time in the development of faith in a young person.  It has been said that puberty is God's way of encouraging children to reach beyond themselves, embrace their true identities, and explore independence--all God's gifts.  While their bodies, minds and worlds are rapidly changing, it is a formative time for the maturation of faith.  Catechism students learn from the bible and Lutheran theology how to think think critically about principles and values of faith.  At the end, with a rite of Confirmation, they get to publicly claim for themselves that they will live out the promises made for them by their parents and sponsors in their baptism. The time spent in confirmation classes are intended to continue, more intentionally, the exploration of faith, faith and life, and faith and the church so that students can make that affirmation of baptism statement of faith in the hope and trust that God will continue to lead and guide them in all the aspects of their lives now and in the future.


Weekly Classes

CAT classes are held each week during the Christian Education time on Sunday mornings. 

Each week, Pastor Rich will post a CAT Class video below for the students to watch prior to class.  Along with the video, there will be a list of questions (CAT Class Quiz) to be completed and turned in to Pastor Rich prior to the start of class.  The quiz may be downloaded by clicking the "Resource" link associated with each new video.  Completed Quizzes can be sent to, or a pic of the completed quiz can be texted to 610-401-5602.


Two year plan, beginning at the start of 7th grade and culminating in a confirmation ceremony in October of then 9th grade year.

  • The Catechism Plan

    Saint John's is organized around 4 ministries that we have identified as marks of Christian discipleship.  They are: Worship, Learn, Care & Serve.  As CAT Class students participate in each of the four ministries they accumulate points toward their goals.  Those who reach their point goal are invited to confirm their faith in a ceremony known as the rite of Confirmation.  A confirmed youth is honored by being entrusted with much of the same responsibility as that of an adult member of the congregation.  They are given the privilege of voting in congregational meetings, and are eligible to serve in leadership.  

    Two Year Plan:  Click the link to the left to view or download the point based information for the two-year plan. This is the usual plan for most students.  It may be modified for students in special circumstances.

  • Worship Form:

    Click the button to submit a Worship Form.   

    Worship Form

  • Care/serve form:

    This would be filled out after a student finishes an act or event of care or service.  These can be either within the congregation or, sometimes, on their own outside our congregation. 

    Care/Serve Form


There are four units that rotate approximately every five weeks

UNIT 1: Old Testament

UNIT 2: Lutheran History

UNIT 3: New Testament

UNIT 4: Lutheran Living

Cat class videos

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