In-person worship

We are currently in Phase 2 of returning to in-person for worship in the sanctuary. 

To read the full statement of Council on Phase 2, Click Here.

July 30th Update due to the Delta Variant.  Click Here

Phase 3 begins September 5th

Bold print represents updates as of August 27th

Here's what Phase 3 means...

Phase 3 is essentially the "New Normal" at Saint John's with just a few exceptions.  

1.  One service every Sunday at 9:00 am designed for in-person congregational worship that returns most of the traditional elements of worship that we grew to love and expect from worship at Saint John's: liturgy, four bible readings, traditional sermon, children's sermon, etc.  

2.  The exceptions: 

  • The CDC has recently elevated Berks County’s level of community transmission from moderate, past substantial, to severe. In response to these recent developments the CDC now recommends that all people, including those who are fully vaccinated, wear a mask while indoors to reduce the spread of COVID.  On August 24th the Council met to assess this information, and has decided that its is best if we require all of us to wear a mask while inside the church building.   We will reassess this on a week by week basis.  
  • Pods will continue to be utilized for the purpose of keeping each family or group socially distanced from others.
  • Parking Lot Church, which was to end with the startup of Phase 3, will be extended at least through the month of September for those who prefer that over masking indoors for worship.
  • Fellowship time with snacks and coffee that was planned to immediately follow the 9AM worship will be suspended.  
  • The offering will remain primarily online or a drop off in plates on your way in, or your way out of the sanctuary.  No passing of the plates. 
  • Holy Communion will still make use of the pre-packaged kits, and we will still commune from our seats in the pews.  

3.  The 9:00 am service will continue to be livestreamed.  

4.  Broadcasting the 9AM service over the radio has been suspended due to the continuation of the Parking Lot Service.

5.  Sunday School and Catechism will begin at 10:15 am, and end at 11:00 am.  Additional faith formation options and small groups will become available in time. 

About vaccinations and our church…

This church encourages vaccinations.  There is nothing in our Lutheran tradition and piety that supports the refusal of any form of medicine or treatment on the basis of a conviction of faith.  We believe the same God who created our bodies to heal and gifted us with an immune system also provides the creativity and wonder behind achievements in science or medicine.  We believe God is active, bringing about the healing of the world, through our immune systems AND the achievements of vaccines.  And we believe this is the very same God who gives us the faith to trust him at work in both.

To find a vaccination: click HERE, or ask the pastor to help you.