Daily Schedule for Genesis Preschool

  • All classes visit our onsite library once a week, and each child may borrow a book to take home to read with his/her family.
  • Chapel time is provided once a month by Deacon Diana (Our Director of Children and Youth Faith Formation).
  • Gross motor play occurs daily in our large community room or fenced in playground.

A Sample of Study Topics/Curriculum for All of our Classes

  • September-All About Me/My Family, Apples, Animals in Fall
  • October-Exploring God’s World in Fall, Discovering Trees, Pumpkins, Harvest
  • November-Owls, We are Thankful, Thanksgiving, Bears, Hibernation
  • December-Jesus is the Reason for Christmas and Exploring Christmas Through our Five Senses
  • January-Exploring God’s World in Winter, Winter Science, Animal Adaption, Arctic, Penguins
  • February-Groundhogs, Love, Dental Health, Five Senses
  • March-Exploring God’s World in Spring, Growing Things, Baby Animals & New Life
  • April-Easter, Flowers & Gardens, Insects
  • May-Frogs, Ocean, Zoo


A Sample of the Daily Schedule for Our 3-5 Year Old Classes

8:55-      Arrival and Table Activities

9:20-      Circle Time (Music, Counting, Written Message or Question, Daily Agenda)

9:30-      Story, Interactive Lesson, Songs

9:50-      Learning Centers, Small Group, Small Group Art, Blocks, and Dramatic Play

10:40-    Gross Motor Play (outside when weather permits)

11:05-    Transition Activity, Hand Wash and Snack

11:20-    Shared Reading, Interactive Learning/Lesson, Review of Day

11:55-    Pack-Up/Dismissal. 

  • Two-year-old classes follow a similar structure but end at 11:30am
  • All teachers adjust the themes and materials provided to be age appropriate for each class
  • Throughout the morning activities, children are encouraged to assist in cleaning up classroom toys after playtime.  However, teachers and aides clean art and learning messes, as well as disinfect tables and toys at the end of each morning.